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Baptist Heritage Queensland (The Baptist Historical Society of Queensland) was established in 1984 to promote interest in the rich heritage of Baptists in Queensland. Since that time it has conducted many public meetings and seminars featuring families, people, organisations, buildings and movements which have contributed to Baptist work in this state. It has assisted people and churches with information and material about their stories. For a 30 year history of the Society, click here

The Society aims to encourage churches and their members to preserve their heritage through the care of records and memorabilia at local church and at denominational levels. Several guide sheets offering help on the process of archival work, church record management and publication are available for free distribution, now including digital archiving. Personal advice and help through seminars and consultation with churches and other organisations are also part of the function of the Society. The Society also assists with the activities of the Baptist Church Archives, Queensland.

The Society also produces a newsletter, the Queensland Baptist Forum, which carries articles, news reports and notices about developments in Queensland and elsewhere.

One of the major achievements of the Society is its publication programme. More than twenty titles are now available covering a diverse range of topics, some of them in digital form. The most popular, Baptists in Queensland, has been widely used as a study guide for churches and home groups. Pressing on the with Gospel is the full history of Baptists in Queensland covering the period 1855-2005, while Women who made a Difference celebrates the contributions of women to the work. In 2012 a history covering 150 years of witness in Central Queensland was launched. A third edition of our popular guide, Baptists in Queensland was issued in 2013.

We have an extensive digitisation program, and have shared with other state bodies to have The Australian Baptist 1913-1991 fully digitised!

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 President: Mr Eric W. Kopittke

98 Yallambee Rd., Jindalee 4074

Phone (+61) 07-3376 4339

Secretary: Mr Bill Hughes,


Treasurer: Miss Hope Colegrove



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Something more than Gold

Baptists in Central Queensland 1862-2012

Launched 18 May 2012

at the QB Convention, Rockhampton, Queensland

Full details

200 pages 100 illustrations 5 maps

Order now $15 plus $5 pack and post (Australia)

Covers all the Rockhampton Churches,

Churches in the Region as far west as Longreach

and the work of Camping, QBC and the District Association


 Individual $10 p.a. Family $15 p.a. Corporate $20 p.a.

includes subscription to our journal


 Queensland Baptist Forum

3 issues p.a. (Others: $2 each posted)

Information and details of contents of our journal


List of our extensive range, including ePub books

Recent Publications


A Biography of the Life and Work of

Rev. Harold George Hackworthy MC MA, 1891-1953

By Bill Hughes

Pastor, Chaplain, Church Leader and Counsellor

Full Details

$15 + $2 postage


Baptists in Queensland: A Guide to their life and faith

Edited by David Parker

3rd edition - 2013 Fully revised and updated

52 pages with charts, tables, boxes and index

Price $5.00 plus $2.50 p & p

Our most popular title - suitable for new members, enquirers, students

The National Guide to Australian Baptist Historical Resources and Services

3rd edition - 2013 Fully revised and updated

Price: $5.00 plus $2.50 p and p

An indispensable guide to libraries, archives, books, digital material

and historical societies connected with the Baptist denomination

The Gardener’ Pastor William Moore 1826-1906

By R W (Bill) Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-50350-914-6

William Moore (1826-1906) was the founder and first pastor of the Petrie Terrace Baptist Church, also of Rosalie Baptist Church, and involved in developing a number of churches around and beyond Brisbane.  For many years he refused to accept a stipend and lived off his own earnings as a market gardener. This is a moving and detailed story of his difficult but heroic life in England and then of his many activities in Brisbane

Published by Xlibris - visit this link


Baptists in the ‘Never Never’

Baptist Origins on the Darling Downs Queensland 1875-2019

By David Parker

This 50,000 word book traces the origins and early development of more than a dozen Baptist churches on the Darling Downs area of Queensland, from the first witness in 1875 until the present. Some of the churches have thrived, some have ceased to exist and all have had strong fluctuations in their activities.

This book is printed on demand and the special launch price is $15 posted