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Baptist Union of Queensland 1855+ - Churches - dates of commencement and first buildings

Baptist Union of Queensland - Officers 1877-2010

Baptist Ministers in Queensland 1849-1905

Baptist Ministers in Queensland 1906-1955

Baptist Churches established 1849-1929 with some dates of erection of  buildings (photo gallery)

German Baptist Churches in Queensland

Baptist Periodicals in Australian Library  and Archive Collections

Index to Queensland Baptist Forum: (the journal of the Baptist Historical Society of Queensland)

Baptist Historical Society of Queensland Publications

Link to Baptist World Alliance Heritage and Identity Commission website

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Digital Resources -

          A select list of digital material available - access by arrangement

Qld Freeman and Qld Baptist: 1881-88; 1890-1913; 1923-31; 1951-1990

The qb magazine: 2006-current  

BUQ Year Book: 1907-2005

BUQ Annual Report Books (issued separately from Year Book from 1978): 2009-current original PDFs

The Australian Baptist: 1913-1991

The Southern Baptist – 1895-1912

Truth and Progress 1868-1894  (South Australia)

      Publications of Australian Baptist Missionary Society (Global Interaction)

- Our Bond 1882-1941, Our Indian Field 1915-1949, Vision 1950-2007